Formal Qualification with SCA

Cert IV in Strata

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A clear professional pathway

A whole-of-career educational pathway is available, from entry level courses, through to Certificate IV in Strata, and a specialist Diploma of Management, developed specifically for the industry.

SCA’s Education Board Advisory Group oversees all of these formal training materials and assessment tools to ensure their quality and relevance.

It means you can take advantage of SCA’s expertise as the peak body of the strata sector with an RTO's depth of expertise and programs in all mainland capitals.

Certificate IV

Certificate IV Strata Community Management course qualification reflects the role of those involved in providing management services for strata communities.

Students studying this qualification will learn about:

  • Strata Schemes and Communities

  • The functions and duties of Strata Managers

  • The administration/ facilitation of meetings

  • Management of Strata funds including reporting on financial activities

  • The administration of insurance and the management of claims

  • Implementing contracts of appointment

  • Reading and understanding Strata Plans

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The 3 Day A100 introductory course meet the requirements of the SCA (Qld) Strata Manager Accreditation Pathway which provides recognised professional qualifications.

It gives strata managers the assurance of being able to progress on an accreditation pathway based on industry-developed and endorsed qualifications.

  • Roles and responsibilities of managers, owners and committees and the board

  • Management ethics

  • Developing, implementing and enforcing rules

  • Organising and conducting committee meetings

  • Preparing budgets and sinking funds

  • Levy collection policies and procedures

  • Collecting delinquent payments

  • Overview of financial statements, reporting methods and operations

  • Evaluating risk management and insurance programs

  • A guide on implementing maintenance programs

  • Preparing request for quotes and tenders and identifying key contract provisions

  • Recruiting, selecting and managing personnel

  • Managing sustainable and developing communities

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Find out when our A100 is next on by accessing our events page.

SCA (Qld) members are qualified professionals who undertake a continuous professional development. We provide an accreditation pathway to ensure our members are up to date on education and best practice. 

Why Accreditation?

Accreditation provides a way to identify strata managers who have submitted themselves to a code of ethics and undertake continuing professional development, so creating security, trust, professionalism and recognition.

Accreditation Pathway

This link will take you to the levels of accreditation available to strata managers who are members of SCA (Qld).

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