Accreditation Pathway


A career path for strata managers


Upholding the highest standards of professionalism in the strata sector and providing our members with the opportunity to continually develop their skills and knowledge, we offer a multi-level accreditation framework.

The Accreditation Program provides nationally and internationally recognised professional qualifications for strata community managers so nominated by a Corporate Strata Manager Member. 

Why is Accreditation necessary?

Benefits to consumers: Industry Accreditation provides a way to identify SCA (Qld) Managers who have submitted themselves to a code of conduct and undertake continuing professional development, therefore creating security, trust, professionalism and recognition. 
Benefits to the strata industry: 
SCA accreditation enables SCA Managers to gain professional recognition, and thereby a competitive advantage, which can enhance their business, and help build a long-term career. Consequently, accreditation works to raise strata industry standards overall. Specifically, the SCA accreditation requirements ensure that SCA accredited Managers

•    are aware of relevant and current legislation
•    follow the specific requirements of legislation
•    adhere to best practice
•    adopt current procedures
•    commit to clerical excellence and
•    continually enhance their managerial and meeting chairmanship skills.


Each level of accreditation includes specific obligations for the member to undergo continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain their accreditation status.

Strata managers seeking accreditation must:

  • be members of SCA (Qld)

  • submit to our code of conduct

  • undertake additional training or submit evidence of their competency.

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