Professional Standards

SCA (Qld) puts emphasis on its members' professionalism, hence requiring every member practising in body corporate management to maintain a high standard of ethical and professional conduct as outlined by its Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is an integral part of the SCA (Qld) membership eligibility criteria and helps ensure that there is a high degree of confidence when dealing with SCA (Qld) member.


Strata managers can only act when provided with specific instructions and approval from the owners (= body corporate) committee. Members of SCA (Qld) are required to adhere to the SCA (Qld) Code of Professional Conduct to ensure a minimum of professional standards are maintained in the industry.

If an SCA (Qld) manager has breached ethical standards, anyone can lodge a complaint. The complaint will be raised with the member and then reviewed by the SCA (Qld) Professional Standards Committee within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that SCA (Qld) only accepts complaints lodged via the form provided on this page.

The objective of the complaints process is to assess whether a member of SCA (Qld) has abided by the Code of Professional Conduct and to work with the member to resolve the issue. It is not designed to penalise a member or replace the role of the courts or the dispute resolution process administered by the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management. 


If a complaint is of non-ethical but operational nature and corrective action is sought, it must be referred to the Commissioner’s Office which has the legislative authority to consider such matters and enforce the outcomes. Issues that should be referred to the Commissioner’s office for which remedial action is sought include the following:

  • By-law disputes and enforcement

  • Actions or inaction of an owners/body corporate committee

  • Actions or inaction of a resident / on-site manager

  • Actions or inaction of a strata manager and the fees charged, and

  • Fees or charges levied by a strata scheme / owners committee.

SCA (Qld) Code of Conduct

Members voluntarily abide by the SCA (Qld) Code of Conduct.

Check the Directory for membership

Complaints can only be lodged against a member. Check membership by clicking here

Complaint Form

SCA (Qld) will accept complaints in the prescribed form. To better understand your concerns please use this fillable form.

SCA (Qld) members are qualified professionals who undertake continuous professional development. We provide an accreditation pathway to ensure our members are up to date on education and best practice. 

Why Accreditation?

Accreditation provides a way to identify strata managers who have submitted themselves to a code of ethics and undertake continuing professional development, so creating security, trust, professionalism and recognition.

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