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Queensland Committees


SCA (Qld) has a number of Committees, who's responsibilities extend to investigating, reporting and acting so that the operation of SCA (Qld) is efficient, attains value for members and increases its profile with other associations and Government. While our Board maintains full control of the organisation’s direction, our Committees actively deliver some of SCA (Qld)’s core strategic objectives as delegated by the Board.



Jessica Cannon - CHAIR
Kristian Marlow - SCA (Qld) staff
Laura Bos - SCA (Qld) staff
Chris Irons
Jason Carlson
Christine Partridge
Juliette Nairn
Kaylene Arkcoll
Darren Lynch
Sam Gleeson
Earl Muir
Todd Garsden
Judith Akins

Professional Standards

Shane Devenish - CHAIR
Michael Kleinschmidt
Scott Simpson
Duncan Lee


Cathy Pashley - CHAIR
Kirsty Trevor - SCA (Qld) staff
Laura Bos - SCA (Qld) Staff
Con Iconomidis
Renee Sullivan
Adrian Butcher
Wendy Barnard
Peter Berney
Tracy Norris
Angela Fleming


Jonathan Flannery - CHAIR
James Nickless - Chair to standard member
Laura Bos - SCA (Qld) staff
Todd Garsden
Michelle Harrison


Tyson Pratt CHAIR
Kirsty Trevor - SCA (Qld) staff
Laura Bos - SCA (Qld) staff
Clare Stuart
Andrew Davidson
Sonia Harvey
Karen Thompson
Julie MacCarthy

Member Resources

Duncan Lee - CHAIR
Laura Bos - SCA (Qld) staff
Rikki Slaughter
Luke Norman
Tom Robinson

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