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2023 - 2026 Strategic Plan


A Thriving Strata Sector for All

A Thriving Strata Sector

Just like we have had to adapt and change to keep up with the expectations of our clients in strata to maintain relevance, SCAQ needs to adapt as a professional association to ensure we are delivering what our members and the sector needs.

After some significant transition at Board and management level over the past couple of years it was important to evaluate our strategic direction and value proposition as an organisation. This concern was particularly pertinent as we entered our 40th anniversary year and we are genuinely turning our minds to what the next forty years might look like.

The need to decide on an appropriate strategic direction necessitated significant member consultation. The feedback had three very consistent themes.

  1. You require us to have a razor sharp focus on professional strata managers as our key stakeholders.

  2. Members want enhanced and professionalised delivery of our education and accreditation program.

  3. You expect us to advocate strongly and publicly for the sector.


We hear you; we’re with you; and we will act for you.

It’s an exciting time

There’s no doubt there is some change to come, but it will be change that you have told us that you want. And it is exciting! SCAQ is growing and evolving along with the professional strata management sector in Queensland.

We will see the number of lots significantly increase over the next decade and the demand for professional strata management increase too.

Together, lets deliver a thriving strata sector.

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