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QLD Article

General Manager Update - September

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The housing crisis in Queensland has been dominating the headlines this month and is emerging as a major political football at both the Federal and State level. The topics being discussed range from housing availability and affordability right through to homelessness.

And there are no easy solutions to these complex issues. However, strata living and community title does have a big role to play in contributing to the alleviation of this crisis.

At the outset, let me preface this by saying that I am a big believer in the notion that community title keeps the home ownership dream alive for many Australians. It provides an accessible, affordable and sustainable model of home ownership that puts home ownership within reach.

We must continue to work to make it the most attractive option we can.

Making the decision to move into community living can be a challenging one for many as it involves relinquishing some of the control they have enjoyed living in a typical housing block and becoming part of a body corporate, community title environment.

Then, once they have accepted that, the issues are really around the actual development they are buying into and their confidence in that. Does it have hidden defects and is it easy to get them rectified? Are the building materials safe? How does the body corporate scheme work and how do they have a say in it? What are the undisclosed management contracts?

Finally, how do we as the strata sector support our bodies corporate to deliver the best community title experience we can through our professionalism, expertise and dedication to customer service?

It is important these questions can be answered with surety and confidence to encourage home buyers to consider community title environments as the home ownership model of choice, and through this choice, build demand and provide the surety required by the development sector to build more lots.

You can read more about my thoughts on this issue here.

SCA (Qld) is continuing to keep community title top of mind with our Governments at both State and Federal level to ensure that the necessary reforms are made to build consumer confidence in our sector.

And, we are continuing to work with you, our members, to ensure that our sector delivers the best community title living experience possible. Your contribution is vital to our success.

Together, we will keep the dream of home ownership alive.



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