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General Manager Update - February

With only two weeks left before the 2023 Conference, our team here in the SCA (Qld) office have been working diligently to deliver members the best experience possible.

I am very excited by the programs - education and social. There is truly something for everyone and the Events Committee led by Cathy Pashley and our Education Committee led by Tyson Pratt have worked feverishly with Kirsty Trevor (SCA (Qld) Events & Sponsorship Officer) and myself to curate an amazing experience.

Our aim this year has been to do more than talk legislation. We have listened to you and recognise that leadership skills, conflict management skills and critical thinking skills are all required to be a success in modern strata management. They all require development and and are important life skills too.

Further, we wanted to ensure that we are laying the important foundations for you all to manage change. Change can be a time full of fear for some, but a time of great excitement for others. And so, we have worked to bring you speakers that will provide you with some tools and tips to support you all on that quest to manage and react to change, and embrace the opportunities that will inevitably be presented to us in the future. Our keynote speakers are experts in these areas.

This year, we are also hosting our Strata Community Association (Qld) Awards for Excellence in Cairns as an extension of the Conference program. In looking at the list of finalists, I honestly do not know how the judges picked their winners - the field is outstanding and I congratulate every single entrant. You are all professionals and exemplar operators.

As we head into Cairns, I am also thrilled to draw your attention to the Member Alert and Advocacy Update that was distributed to you last week. There are some significant reforms to strata on the way. In between planning the Conference and our Awards, SCA (Qld) has been working diligently on the big strata reform issues on your behalf.

It's a great day when the Board and our SCA (Qld) team can walk into our main industry event knowing we are delivering the reform you ask for, and made a difference to your working lives and the people who live in strata schemes.

See you in Cairns!

Laura Bos

General Manager



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