About the Strata Sector

What is strata?

Strata or body corporate title allows individual ownership of a property (called lot) in a body corporate and community title scheme. 

What is a body corporate manager?

Body corporate or strata managers are professionals who assist a body corporate in administering their scheme. The body corporate committee engages a manager on a contract basis, defining the services included in the Standard Administration. Their work typically includes meeting management, managing the financial affairs of a body corporate, negotiating and renewing contracts and agreements and arranging regular maintenance. Have a look at roles and responsibilities and a useful brochure.

Are body corporate managers licensed?

In Queensland there is no government controlled licensing or registration requirement for body corporate managers. However, SCA (Qld) members are required to fulfil eligibility criteria to join and have ongoing requirements to maintain their membership. This is the only form of third party endorsement a body corporate manager can achieve. 

Access the SCA Constitution

SCA (Qld) is governed by a constitution which has been made in accordance with the Corporations Act. 

Who is SCA (Qld)?

Strata Community Association (Qld) members represent 312,000 of the 500,000 lots in Queensland.  SCA (Qld) was founded in 1984 as the Body Corporate Managers Institute Queensland (BCMIQ), subsequently joining the other leading state and territory strata institutes in creating a national organisation. Aligning branding since 2002 we now are known as Strata Community Association (Qld).

Who are members of
SCA (Qld)?

SCA (Qld) proudly fulfills the dual roles of a professional organisation and consumer advocate - natural for the peak representative body, and membership is open to anyone with an interest in the efficient administration of strata schemes. Membership is therefore diverse, representing all of the major stakeholders in the strata sector, including strata managers, members of body corporate committees, in addition to allied professionals such as lawyers, accountants, insurers and suppliers to the building and construction sector.

What does SCA (Qld) do?

In Queensland strata title and community title schemes are required to be administered in accordance with the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (Qld) 1997 and subordinate Regulations. SCA (Qld) actively

  • participates in reviews and revisions to legislation

  • assists members in meeting their obligations under the Act.

  • raises professional standards throughout the industry through training, education and advocacy.


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