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General Manager Update - October

This month has been a whirlwind of activity at SCA (QLD). Across all portfolios, the team have been incredibly busy delivering on quarter 2 activity plans, and also responding to a raft of requests from the State Government to provide submissions on important areas of legislative reform.

And it’s all ‘good busy’.

At this time of year it’s normal to start turning our minds to our end of year break. But not SCA (QLD)! Our team is winding up!

The events team has been in the final preparation stages of our Annual Conference to be held in Cairns in early March 2023. All the hard work is being done right now with plenty of collaboration between the Events and Education Committees to support the team to deliver a conference that members will not want to miss. Be sure to keep your eye out for details.

I also sincerely hope we will see many of you at one of our End of Year Networking events that are being held across Queensland. These events are genuinely ‘just for fun’ and a terrific opportunity to simply relax and catch up with colleagues and friends.

The Advocacy team and the Policy and Legislation Committees have been working at tremendous pace to respond the the Government’s many requests for input on items ranging from the Home Warranty Scheme through to Bullying and harassment in community title.

Of special significance has been a request to lead the discussion on regulation of our sector and of course, the ongoing issue of management rights. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to all members who have supported the efforts of the Committees as we prepare our submissions.

I was honoured to be invited by the Premier to participate in the Queensland Housing summit and represent our members.

We want to make high density living as attractive as possible with bodies corprate being supported and enabled to build (socially) and manage (legislatively) the community they want.

Wherever a community title appears as a solution, it’s imperative that the issues bodies corporate and bodies corporate managers need to manage is considered.

What does that look like?

  • Quality builds with appropriate defects legislation to ensure defects are fixed.

  • Remove innapropriate Air Bnb in residential schemes and empower bodies corporate to manage these issues. Amenity is critical.

  • Consider the implications of mixed, integrated housing models and how bodies corporate manage the complexities of builds with social, affordable and ‘to market’ product.

  • Remove barriers to buying and enjoyment of living in community title including the imposition of long term management rights contracts where they are inappropriate.

  • Better fund the Office of the Commissioner so community disputes are triaged and treated quickly instead of festering

And…last but not least…let’s unlock development opportunities through changing the resolution required for an entire unit block to be sold for development. Why should one owner hold other owners - and developers - to ransom?

Finally, I want to extend my warmest welcome to our new members. SCA (QLD) received an astounding number of new member applications across September and October.

Thank you for joining us.

Laura Bos

General Manager



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