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General Manager Update - May

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In recent weeks, I been having some insightful conversations with members concerning the topic of affordable housing, build to rent and their relationship to strata. It seems the topics are very much on all our minds.

As a sector, we know that the challenges in managing these mixed communities is going to be tough as the proposed mix of social, affordable and to market product can create an incompatible demographic mix. This can be socially problematic without appropriate support structures in place.

Further, the construction of affordable product implies that is is 'built cheaply' and well, we all familiar with what happens as a result of poor construction. Members are raising concerns about this - as they well should - after all, we are the ones who are left to navigate bodies corporate through defects, maintenance and 'building life' issues.

One of the questions I was asked was 'why is SCA (Qld) involved in the housing crisis issues and discussions?" It's a fair point.

My answer is quite simple: we are involved in these discussions for all of the reasons and concerns that our members have raised about the issues outlined above.

Our members have a wealth of experience in supporting complex communities to find harmony and we know all too well the challenges of defects and poor construction, and the impacts this will have on the bodies corporate and the people who live in these communities.

I have been buoyed by the willingness of the social/affordable housing sector to learn about our sector and understand the challenges that we know will arise.

It's critical that the State Government and all relevant stakeholders consider these risks and develop mitigation plans NOW - not after the horse has bolted. Rest assured, we are working with a wide range of interest groups and government representatives on this issue to ensure that strata is on their minds.

SCA (Qld) Strategic Planning and Member Survey

Thank you to all members who participated in our member survey and focus groups - over 30% of the membership provided feedback which is a terrific result. This information is invaluable and the Board and I will be working with our Consultants over the next month to reflect on your thoughts as we shape the future of SCA (Qld).

CPD Program and Accredited Strata Management

Accredited strata management is becoming increasingly important to bodies corporate as a necessity - not just a 'nice to have'. With the advent of Chat GPT and other sources of information, bodies corporate are learning more, and expecting more from strata managers. This is where accreditation is a genuine point of difference as it sends a strong signal that you are a professional.

We are urging all members - particularly as we edge closer to registration and licensing to enroll in the accreditation program, and if you are on the accreditation pathway, keep up with your CPD points.

Professional strata management is the key to our sector's future success.

You can find all the detail on accreditation and upcoming CPD and learning opportunities on the SCA (Qld) website.

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact me at

Laura Bos

General Manager



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