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General Manager Update - March

The Importance of Trust and Accountability in the Strata Sector: A Unified Response to Recent Challenges

In light of recent developments and serious allegations against a NSW strata firm, the need for unwavering trust, transparency, and accountability within the strata sector has never been more apparent. As the peak industry body, SCAQ, along with our colleagues across Australasia, remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing these concerns and driving significant improvements across the industry.

The Fragility and Recovery of Trust

The strata sector operates on the foundational principle that "trust arrives on a tortoise and leaves on a galloping horse." This adage highlights the delicate nature of trust within our community—it is slow to build but quick to vanish. Recent events have put this principle to the test, underscoring the urgent need for reinforced trust and integrity. In response, we are taking decisive steps to address the issues raised and prevent future occurrences, reinforcing that trust is a critical component of our collective mission.

Leading the Sector: Proactive Measures and Best Practices

In response to the allegations raised, we are implementing several key initiatives to strengthen the sector’s transparency and accountability. The fast-tracking of the Best Practice Insurance Disclosure Guide is among the foremost measures, aiming to enhance clarity and understanding for all stakeholders involved. Moreover, the appointment of an independent Chair for the complaints and conduct panel marks a significant stride towards impartial and effective resolution of concerns.

By allocating additional resources to the complaints process, we are ensuring that every voice is heard and addressed promptly and fairly. These actions, among others, signify our proactive approach to upholding the highest standards of practice within the strata sector.

Addressing Conflicts of Interest and Enhancing Professionalism

Recognizing the complexities inherent in strata management, we are dedicated to developing comprehensive guidelines that address conflicts of interest and other vital disclosure requirements.

Our goal is to equip member businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster a culture of accountability and professionalism. By providing support and resources, we are empowering our members to not only meet but exceed the expectations set forth by the industry and the communities they serve.

Collaborative Efforts and Stakeholder Engagement

Our response to the recent challenges extends beyond internal measures. We are actively engaging with stakeholders across various sectors—including consumers, industry representatives, and regulatory bodies—to foster a collaborative approach to reform. This unified effort is essential for creating lasting, positive changes that benefit everyone involved in the strata ecosystem.

Legislative Framework and Resource Availability

The recent clarification regarding the legislative framework in Queensland and the resources available on the SCAQ website underscore our commitment to transparency and education. By providing accessible information and guidance, we are enhancing the understanding and execution of best practices in strata management, further building trust and confidence within the community.

As we navigate these challenging times, the collective efforts of SCAQ and our interstate colleagues are more crucial than ever. We remain dedicated to leading the strata sector towards a future characterised by integrity, transparency, and trust. By working together and embracing these principles, we are confident that we can achieve positive, lasting change within the strata sector.

Please rest assured that we will keep you updated on our progress and further developments. Together, we can and will elevate the standards of the strata management industry, ensuring it remains a reliable and trusted pillar of our communities.

Laura Bos

SCAQ General Manager



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