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General Manager Update - April


Over the coming months you will hear me talking about the concept of social license a lot, particularly as we navigate through the current challenges faced by our sector.

If you consider that on behalf of bodies corporate we manage some $280 billion in building assets, some $4 billion in cash and we generate some $1.75 billion in economic activity, there is an expectation from the community and government that we do that in a transparent and trustworthy way. Much like we expect local governments to exercise probity when spending the rates money we pay.

Being part of an industry with high integrity and social license is a noble thing. I know our members are committed to good practice and being members of SCAQ is a signal to the market of that commitment- their standing is elevated.

Social license is not merely a concept; it is the lifeblood of our collective success. It embodies the trust, respect, and confidence that our communities place in us as stewards of their shared spaces and resources. Without this invaluable asset, our ability to effectively manage and nurture our strata communities is profoundly compromised.

As advocates for ethical and transparent practices, I implore each of you to actively engage in actions that reinforce and strengthen our social license. Transparent communication, ethical conduct, and a genuine commitment to community well-being are not just ideals but essential pillars of our profession. By embracing these principles wholeheartedly, we not only foster harmony and cooperation within our communities but also enhance the reputation and credibility of our profession as a whole.

Furthermore, I urge you to recognize the broader societal implications of our actions as strata community members. Our decisions and behaviours reverberate beyond the confines of our individual businesses. Let us strive to be exemplary stewards of our communities, promoting sustainability, transparency, and integrity in all our dealings.

As we move forward, I call upon each of you to heed this call to action and embrace your role as custodians of our strata communities. Let us work together to uphold and strengthen our social license, ensuring that our profession continues to serve the best interests of our communities for generations to come.

Your SCAQ membership is important!

Last year I spoke with many of you about my commitment to elevating your professional standing and the value of SCAQ membership.

We have been promoting the value of using an SCAQ members in a number of publications that are widely read by strata owners (eg LookUp Strata).

Pleasingly, in the last month I have received a number of emails a week from bodies corporate verifying that their strata manager and/or prospective strata manager is indeed a member of SCAQ. What's more pleasing is that I have been able to answer 'yes!' every time.

Being a member of SCAQ is a valuable part of your marketing kit because a commitment to a Code of Conduct and continuing professional development matters to owners and government - now, more than ever.

Laura Bos

SCAQ General Manager



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