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President's Update - April

It's great to have a WIN!

It's been a bustling time at Strata Community Association Queensland (SCAQ) as we continue our unwavering commitment to advocating for your needs and interests. Here's a snapshot of what's been happening:

FNQ Disaster Mitigation Funding:

We're thrilled to share the news of the $60 million Strata Resilience Program (SRP) for North Queensland, a collaborative effort between the Federal and State Governments. This program, a result of years of tireless advocacy, will fund improvements to enhance cyclone resilience in strata buildings. Our advocacy efforts have been instrumental in highlighting the urgent need for support in disaster mitigation within strata complexes. Through our advocacy program, led by our General Manager Laura Bos, our Legislation Committee, and Queensland Board members past and present, we've successfully secured this vital funding. With 75% coverage for approved works, up to a maximum of $150,000 (including GST), we believe this initiative will not only enhance safety but also alleviate the burden of insurance costs. We encourage all members to explore the application process and prepare to seize this opportunity.

Netstrata Update:

In response to concerns raised regarding Netstrata, we've taken proactive steps to address issues of excessive charging and conflicts of interest. We're actively engaged with SCA Australasia, SCA National Council, member Principals, Corporate Partners, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders to ensure your voices are heard and considered in navigating these challenges together. Your contributions and feedback are invaluable as we work towards constructive solutions.

2024/25 Membership Renewals:

As we approach the membership renewal period, we urge you to renew your membership and stand with us during these pivotal times. Now, more than ever, unity is crucial as we tackle sector challenges head-on. With a focus on education, advocacy, and sector capacity building, we're committed to delivering impactful initiatives that elevate our profession and foster ethical, transparent practices. Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming program and budget for the next financial year.

Thank you for your ongoing support, engagement, and dedication to advancing our industry. Together, we'll continue to make strides towards a resilient, thriving strata community.

Andrew Davidson

SCAQ President



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