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General Manager Update - July

Its been another busy month for the SCAQ team as we work to deliver for our members and the strata sector.

With the development of the SCAQ 2023 - 2026 Strategic Plan, the Board and my team are working in a focused way to implement what you have told us is most important to you: education, advocacy and capacity building. I encourage you to register for one of our upcoming Strategic Plan briefing sessions to learn more.

Education and CPD

Professional strata management involves a commitment to building upon our knowledge and experience to ensure we are providing our clients with the best service we can. That service is a mix of accurate compliance management and administration, exemplar communication and the provision of value-add services that make living in body-corporate communities 'hassle-free' for those who live there.

SCAQ's education and CPD program is focused on supporting you to be the best professional strata manager you can be and the CPD program and credentials are your signal to the market that you are indeed a professional strata manager.

SCAQ will be actively promoting accredited, professional strata management over the coming months and I'd encourage you to consider engaging with the CPD program if you haven't already. You can find out more information about the SCA Accreditation pathway right here.


Our advocacy program is in full swing and continues to build on the work done by prior Boards. We are actively engaging with all levels of government on a wide range of issues that impact on strata and particularly those issues that you have told us are important. I urge you all to read our recent Advocacy Update.

And then there is the sector advocacy that we do that is not in our structured program....


Issues such as insurance commissions, general commissions and disclosures in recent weeks has seen us actively engaging with groups such as the UOAQ and ACIL in an effort to understand their concerns, but also share with them the facts surrounding these issues from our perspective.

I want to make it clear that in principal, commissions are an important revenue stream for our members and completely legal if appropriate disclosure is given. Managers are doing nothing wrong by accepting commissions from insurers if they are obeying the law around disclosure. SCAQ is working very closely with SCA National on enhancing disclosure procedures to ensure that managers are being as transparent and ethical as possible.

Strata businesses are facing cost pressures like every other sector. To demonise a perfectly legal and important revenue stream which has been affirmed as acceptable in the recent Quality of Advice Review conducted is unfair and ignores the complexities of the strata insurance market.

We will continue to have productive dialogue with all stakeholders and proactively educate owners and strata managers on commissions and disclosures. When issues such as this arise, it is an opportunity to review our relationships through the lens of the consumer and the BCCMA and refresh ourselves on what is best practice in terms of disclosures.

Employment & Criminal History Checks

Recently, I have heard of some alarming activity occurring in the strata staff recruitment space where members have experienced some unscrupulous characters seeking employment in strata. It is a timely reminder that even when it is hard to get staff, you should be thoroughly checking any new employee's employment and criminal history. We have included an article in this newsletter from HR Business Assist on this issue and I encourage you to read it.

Constitutional Reform

SCAQ is embarking on a root and branch review of our constitution to ensure it is fit for purpose as we approach our 40th year as an organisation. The committee conducting this important work if being led very capably by Life Member Michael Hurley. In coming months, minor changes will be made to procedural matters whilst we will consult with members over the medium and longer term about significant "policy" decisions with regards to the constitution.

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact me at

Laura Bos

SCAQ General Manager



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