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General Manager Update - April

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Is it April...ALREADY?

As I write this, it's the tail end of the Easter long weekend and I must confess, it has been a weekend of much needed rest and relaxation for me. To say it has been hectic is an understatement and, in talking with many of you over the last month, it seems the whole sector was collectively holding its breath as we clawed our way through to April - Q1 has been a busy one.

And it isn't going to slow down any time soon! In fact the pace is going to pick up with plenty of change in our midst that will drive plenty of activity in equal measure - or more.

This month we are starting a new addition to the newsletter - an update from the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Jane Wilson. The Commissioner's Office plays a pivotal role for our sector and we intend to share with members important updates and content from them.

SCA (Qld) Strategic Plan

The SCA (Qld) Board has embarked on the process of developing a 3 year strategic plan for the organisation that will take us into the next phase of our evolution as a peak body. This process will take a couple of months and importantly, all members will have an opportunity to participate. I hope you get involved and genuinely reflect on what you want from your peak body.

CPD Points - Member Advice

SCA (Qld) is an active promoter of our accredited strata managers, and why its important for bodies corporate to employ the services of an SCA accredited strata manager. It sends the strongest signal to the market that you are a professional who takes their responsibilities seriously and is committed to ongoing improvement through learning and development.

By now, members will have received advice of your current CPD status and points required to maintain your accreditation. Please check your status and if you need to earn points avail yourself of the many 'CPD points earning' opportunities over the coming months. Details of the upcoming program can be found in this newsletter.


Advocacy is not just about lobbying Government for legislative change - though we have been doing plenty of that this year!

Good advocacy is also concerned with proactively building productive relationships with a range of stakeholders with a view to advancing issues or initiatives of commonality while also looking for those 'aha' teaching moments - the more people from outside our sector learn about strata, the more conversations we can have, and the more progress we make.

The SCA (Qld) team has been engaging in many conversations with key stakeholders to ensure that we are contributing to key issues facing Queensland such as the housing crisis, urban development and workforce planning and development. Pleasingly, we are being received positively and our new friends are looking for opportunities to engage with us further.

All this activity serves us well in promoting professional strata, SCA (Qld) and the critical role strata will play in supporting a growing State.

Couran Cove

Speaking of advocacy, SCA (Qld) was asked to appear on the Today Show on Easter Saturday to explain in very simple terms the issue around Couran Cove and how body corporate disputes can be better handled. I took this opportunity to remind the audience that Couran Cove is a very unique situation and not representative of strata life - issues such as this genuinely create a negative perception of strata communities.

It was also an opportunity to promote SCA accredited strata managers who are well trained and experienced in supporting bodies corporate with the day to day needs of running of their body corporate, but can also assist them navigate disputes.

It's always better to get in front of a dispute in an amicable way before it becomes adversarial and then untenable as has happened at Couran Cove.


The team at SCA (Qld) is already in planning for next year while still in delivery of this year's events program. And I am excited! There will be a few announcements in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

I'm hoping to see many of you at the HumEnergy Charity Race Day on 27 May - so don't forget to book your tickets.

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact me at



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