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Vaccine milestone to relax rules for home quarantine

Home quarantine will become more accessible for returning Queenslanders and eligible interstate travellers once the 70 per cent double-dose vaccination mark is reached.

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Yvette D’Ath today said the success of the recent home quarantine trial had informed the changes. What does this mean for Strata Members? These changes to home quarantine mean that strata properties that have a common entrance are a no go if you are forced into such an arrangement. The Health Minister has said, “You will be able to quarantine at any self-contained dwelling, as long as it has no shared common areas that are accessible by people outside the household.”

“This may include a standalone house or a unit, townhouse or duplex that has its own entrance.”

For clarity, this means that a townhouse complex where you can drive into the garage, park and enter a lot would be an acceptable place to home quarantine, a unit where you use a lift or shared stairs would not be. As a rule of thumb, if the only way a person can get to their lot is by foot across a common area- this means the property is not appropriate for home quarantine under the direction from Queensland Health.

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