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SCAQ 2024 Conference - "A Whole New World"

Updated: Jan 25

The SCAQ 2024 Conference is not just an event; it's a gateway to a transformative journey that promises to expand your approach to strata management. Delivering valuable insights and practical solutions, this conference is a must-attend for strata professionals across the strata sector.

Let's dive into the finer details of this eagerly anticipated event.

The 2024 Conference program has been curated to promote discussions on industry trends, emerging challenges, and strategies to navigate the ever-evolving strata environment. This is your opportunity to engage with thought leaders and fellow strata professionals, gaining insights that can shape the trajectory of your strata career.

This year there are presentations from both corporate innovators and seasoned strata experts. Their insights and experiences will not only challenge your thinking, but also inspire you to look at your strata management practice from a different perspective. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in discussions that cover both the technical intricacies of strata management and the interpersonal and broader environmental challenges that strata professionals face in their roles.

We have three dynamic keynotes that will shape your perspective on the future of strata.

  1. Robot Rule of Thumb: The Future of Work

  2. Navigating the Digital Frontier

  3. Reframing Failure for the Future

To cater to diverse interests and personal career journeys, our concurrent sessions will cover a wide range of topics such as building harmonious communities, exploring the future of strata, financial strategies, transparency in commissions & disclosures, and navigating insurance valuations.

  • Building Harmonious Communities: Empowering Strata Respect & Collaboration

  • Exploring the Horizon: Unveiling the Future of Strata Developments in QLD

  • Rising Costs and Empty Pockets: Financial Strategies in Strata Management

  • Transparency Unveiled: Navigating Strata Commissions & Disclosures

  • Insuring Tomorrow: Navigating Insurance Valuations

New Masterclass Workshop Program

This year we have expanded the education program of the 2024 Conference to offer a program of immersive, intimate (limited capacity) workshops.

SCAQ wants to ensure that your Conference experience goes beyond theoretical discussions; you are empowered with tangible knowledge and practical solutions. A highlight of this year's event is the introduction of face-to-face, interactive workshops. These workshops are intimate and cover a spectrum of topics, from mastering self-leadership to incorporating practical AI in strata community management.

In exciting news! They can be purchased as part of the full conference experience, individually or as a package deal.

Monday, 11 Workshops

  • Self-Leadership: It’s Time to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

  • Unlocking Efficiency: Practical AI for Strata Community Professionals

  • Drawing the Line: How to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work & Home

  • Harmonizing Communities: Advanced Techniques in Strata Dispute Resolution

Tuesday, 12 Workshop

  • Bridging the Gap: Mastering Cross-Generational Communication in Today’s Workplace

And it just wouldn’t be and SCAQ Conference without an equally entertaining social program. There will be plenty of opportunities to relax and network with friends old and new.

  • Monday, 11 March - Welcome to Club Neon Celebrating 40 years of SCAQ

  • Tuesday, 13 March - StrataConnect: Exhibition Networking

Don't miss your chance to be part of the 2024 SCAQ Conference - Queensland's ONLY Strata Conference and an event that that will shape your future in professional strata management. For further information and registration, visit SCAQ 2024 Conference.

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