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President's Update - November

It has been an extremely busy month for SCAQ with the Queensland Strata Community Awards for Excellence on the 10th of November and the SCAQ Annual General Meeting last Thursday.

I’d firstly like to congratulate all finalists and winners of the Awards for Excellence. We honoured 16 exceptional awardees from a group of 78 impressive candidates, highlighting the remarkable commitment and superior standards prevalent in the strata sector.

I encourage everyone in our industry to aim for such high standards consistently. This is a period of enormous potential and change for our industry, and we are collectively striving for excellence with a steadfast dedication.

In our Annual General Meeting last week, all motions put to the membership were passed successfully as was the election of 5 board directors. I extend my sincere gratitude to outgoing board members Shane Devenish, Jonathan Flannery, and Tyson Pratt. We are deeply indebted for the fine contribution that you all made. I also ask that you join me in welcoming Sue Cubbin, Duncan Lee, Julie MacCarthy, George Salloum, and Andrew Suttie to the board. The talent, capability, and experience that they all bring to the table ensures that we are in great hands.

As the year begins to wind to a close, we can all be proud of the tireless work that SCAQ has done for the strata industry in advocacy, education, and more.

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact me at

Andrew Davidson 

SCAQ President 



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