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General Manager Update - December

It's been an astounding 2023 in so many ways and as I reflect on all the SCAQ team have achieved this year, I am filled with an enormous sense of pride. I lead a small, but MIGHTY team.

On every front we have delivered for members and we have taken all opportunities to engage deeply and meaningfully with you all.

So what did we do?SCAQ Strategy 2023 - 26

This year SCAQ's Board worked closely with members to develop and present to members the 2023 - 26 Strategy that is guiding our organizational development and growth and establishing a set of  operational priorities. This was a 6 month body of work that began in January 2023 and was finalised in June 2023.

Six months into the implementation of the Strategy, I can report that we are well on our way to achieving a number of milestones and key deliverables.


It is an absolute fact that SCAQ's engagement with government, stakeholders and industry has never been higher and our standing as a peak body has been drastically elevated as a result. SCAQ is a trusted and valued stakeholder.

  • SCAQ delivered six significant submissions to Government on Bills ranging from scheme termination through to inclusionary zoning.

  • SCAQ provided a further 15 submissions to Government on topics as part of our contribution to a range of Government sub-committees where we represent the sector.

  • SCAQ participated in 25 Government committee and subcommittee meetings across a variety of departments an Ministerial portfolios

  • SCAQ appeared at 3 Government Committee Hearings

  • SCAQ held some 25 meetings with Ministers and the Shadow Cabinet

  • SCAQ expanded our stakeholder relationships, building productive and collegiate relationships with the Commissioner for Body Corporate & Community Management; the QBCC Commissioner; the Qld Small Business Commissioner; REIQ; UDIA; The Property Council; QShelter; OCNA; Property Institute; Committee for Brisbane; The Planning Institute to name a few...

  • SCAQ participated actively at SCANSIT to advance issues relating to insurance commissions and respond to the Trowbridge Report

  • SCAQ held our Annual Advocacy Hackathon with members and has developed a robust, member lead policy platform as a result.

  • Extensive media engagement.

Congratulations to outgoing SCAQ Policy Officer Kristian Marlow and incoming Policy & Communications Officer Karsten Duvel AND the Legislation Committee on an incredible effort this year.

With two elections next year, we've really only just begun our work in this space but have set ourselves up well.


Our events portfolio reached new heights as we provided members with exceptional events that educated and entertained our membership. These included:

  • The Annual Conference in Cairns which was a 3 day extravaganza

  • The 2023 Queensland Strata Community Awards that fed into the 2023 SCA National Awards in Cairns

  • The 2023 (version 2) Queensland Strata Community Awards that will feed into the 2024 SCA National Awards in Brisbane

  • The Annual Golf Day

  • The SCAQ Charity Race Day

  • The SCAQ Leadership Retreat in Byron Bay

These events are months in the planning and each event has its own challenges. Well done to our Events & Sponsorship Officer, Kirsty Trevor and the Events & Education Committees on a stellar effort!


SCAQ provided members with many opportunities to develop their professionalism and continue their strata education:

  • An Elevated Annual Conference education program that included stellar international keynote speakers and industry experts

  • 26 webinars on all manner of strata topics

  • 3 Masterclasses including AI (my personal favourite)

  • A100 and Strata Starter programs

  • And we expanded our team to include a Learning & Development Officer - welcome Angie Davidson!


The operations of SCAQ just would not happen without our Finance & Administration Officer Natalie Ridge who ensures the 'business of SCAQ' runs smoothly. For a significant part of the year, the SCAQ team was only 2.5 people and that was difficult on many fronts while we recruited back up to our current group of 4.5.

Special Mention

Aside from my stellar team, SCAQ is fortunate to be supported by a courageous, focused and member centric Board. I appreciate their counsel and particularly the steady leadership of President, Andrew Davidson and the Executive Board team. As SCAQ continues on its evolution, I assure you that your Board is dedicated and that members needs are at the forefront of all we do.

I'd also like to thank our partners and sponsors who also provide wonderful support and counsel. Most importantly, our partners have a shared vision for a thriving, professional strata sector that has the drive for excellence as its core. Their contributions to our collective success is central to it

.Most importantly, I extend my thanks and gratitude to you, our members. Your support, professionalism and enthusiasm for the sector is what drives us every day to achieve for you.

There's no doubt that in 2024 we will have many challenges, but together we will face them and together we will thrive.Together, we are SCAQ.Merry Christmas.

Laura Bos

SCAQ General Manager



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