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Entries for the 2023 Queensland Strata Community Awards are open.

Entries for the 2023 Queensland Strata Community Awards are open.

Entry Requirements

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Entries for the 2023 Queensland Strata Community Awards are open.

Individual Award

Strata Champion of the Year

This award acknowledges and recognises an individual in the strata community whose volunteer contributions over the prior year exemplify the mission, vision, and core values; and whose work helps the strata community to achieve goals and deliver objectives.


Describe your volunteering involvement in your organisation and SCAQ. Include details about the time you contributed, the roles you have undertaken and your achievements.

  • Volunteering role

  • Difference to the organisation and SCAQ

  • Volunteering period

  • Unique or challenging roles

Top tips:

  • 300-word limit.

  • Be clear and succinct – include the key information you would like the judges to know about.

Goals & Results

  • Explain the goals set for your volunteering this past year and in what ways your support contributed to your organisation and SCAQ achieving those goals.

  • Provide an example(s) of your proudest achievement(s) this year.

Top tips:

  • 300-word limit.


  • Describe the impact your volunteering involvement has had to the growth and development of the strata community.

  • Explain why you are committed to volunteering to advance the development of programs and initiatives in strata. Consider your personal attributes such as Skills/Abilities and Personal qualities.

Top tips:

  • 300-word limit.


  • Explain the professional development you have undertaken over the past 12 months to contribute to your capacity to volunteer for your organisation/SCAQ.

  • Explain any learning/development activities undertaken in addition to the standard SCA CPD.

Top tips:

  • 200-word limit.


  1. Must have volunteered with SCAQ within the last 12 months.

  2. Must be a current employee of an SCAQ Strata Management or Service Member and the Corporate must hold membership in Queensland for at least 2 years at time of nomination.

  3. Must NOT have a Code of Conduct complaint upheld against them over the last 12 months.

  4. Entrants must be available for an online interview at a time specified by SCAQ.

  5. Must provide a Declaration form stating the information provided in the Awards submission is true and accurate.

  6. The winner of this award category will not progress to the 2023-2024 SCA Australasia Awards as a Finalist. This category is only eligible in the Queensland Strata Awards.

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