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President's Update - February

SCAQ's Efforts in Strata Insurance Reform

Strata insurance in Queensland continues to be a major area in need of Government support and reform. Already this year, the SCAQ team have been resolute in communicating with the Government to aim to address the pertinent issues.

The establishment of the SCAQ Insurance Taskforce will play an important role in these efforts, ensuring that the best advice is given to Government and the best policy proposals are put forth. The way we can achieve change is by working with other stakeholders, and more importantly, with our membership. As a sector we want the best for our clients – better outcomes, better transparency, better premiums.

Lobbying the Government to review the Northern Australian Reinsurance Pool, pushing for sustained resilience funding, and fighting for a review of Government charges when it comes to insurance have all been major areas that we as an organisation have been working towards.

SCAQ and the Government

SCAQ continues to be at the forefront of advocating for significant reforms within the BCCMA and other relevant legislation. SCAQ was a major player in driving the reform around disclosure, pet ownership in strata, vehicle towing, smoking, and the new 75% rule in scheme termination.

This advocacy reflects our commitment to overcoming obstacles that complicate effective strata management – ensuring that strata managers can more effectively serve their communities.

There is more work to be done, and SCAQ is doing exactly that. Countless meetings with government officials, stakeholders, and various elected representatives all contribute to the good work that we are doing to improve the lives of strata managers and mature the industry.

2024 SCAQ Conference

Queensland’s ONLY strata conference is almost upon us! SCAQ has been hard at work to enhance the conference’s offering with a increased range of opportunities for members to develop your career and further your education. There are sessions from leadership to communication and everything in between.

We will be hearing from remarkable guest speakers – including countless industry stalwarts and exceptional members from the strata industry.

2024 marks SCAQ’s 40th Anniversary – which undoubtedly will make this year’s conference the biggest and best yet.

This is something that you will not want to miss out on! Grab your ticket before it’s too late.



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