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President’s Award Recipient - Julie MacCarthy

Julie McCarthy has been a member of SCA (Qld) for almost two decades. She has won awards for essay contributions as well as being a winner of Senior Strata Community Manager of the year in 2020. A bubbly and vivacious individual who has never it seems said no to an opportunity to contribute and volunteers an incredible number of hours to our organisation. Julie is a compassionate individual who continues to volunteer as a presenter and education committee member and tirelessly seeks to help all elevate themselves.

At the time of her joining, Capitol (where Julie still works 17 years later) was a small, family run business and she feels extremely privileged to have been there as long as she has to witness its enormous growth and then merger with the Bright and Duggan Group.

Julie describes how much she enjoys the variety of work in strata management every day as we speak. It’s clear that the people aspect of strata is what she gets the most joy out of every day she goes to work. “I love the variety, I love dealing with people and helping them solve their problems,” says Julie.

Julie has been in strata long enough to see trends emerge and she believes they mostly are positive. “ In the old days everything was very informal, AGM’s were done over cups of tea, now we are much more formal and professional.” One of the negative aspects however is the mistrust that has come with a wider variety of information, which isn’t often very specific being thrown at body corporate managers. Julie worries about this new era of armchair experts!

One of the most important elements of Julie’s character that really shines through as we speak is her commitment to others and helping their personal and professional growth. “I love educating others and helping within the industry and seeing staff members grow within our work place, “ said Julie.

It is this sentiment and key part of Julie’s character that comes through perhaps most strongly when discussing the evening of the awards. “ We had a lot of Capitol people up for awards and unfortunately many missed out, I was shocked and honoured when I got the President’s Award but still very sad for many of my team members. Capitol is a really close knit business and we are a team, what one achieves, we all achieve.”

It is this sort of attitude that sums up Julie, and explains why she has been such an effective strata professional for so many years. She is a person who gets great joy out of cooperating and collaborating with others, and working in and leading a variety of people to help them achieve their goals. This selfless attitude led ultimately to an unparalleled contribution to SCA (Qld) over the past twelve months, and indeed over the past 17 years. Julie believes that the opportunities in SCA (Qld) membership lie in helping others, advancing education and professionalism and making great connections and friends. It is this attitude that has led to exemplary service, and the Presidents Award.

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