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Forward Focus, Future Thinking – Program Overview

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The SCA (QLD) 2023 Annual Conference: Forward Focus, Future Thinking will provide participants with tips on how to develop a future thinking mindset and how to embrace the constantly changing industry in a more positive outlook, how to meet the needs of our Strata Community, and long-term thinking patterns to invest in the future of Strata.

Day One Opening Keynote – Are you curious?

The Forward Focus, Future Thinking Conference will commence with Rob Rossano, presenting Cultivating Curiosity. With 15 years’ experience of facilitation, training and coaching, Rob is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations fulfill their potential. In this dynamic and interactive keynote session you will explore the nature (and science) of curiosity. Participants will learn to expand their minds and become ‘consciously curious’ with tried and proven strategies. This first session will set the tone for our conference and energise the attendee.

Conference Streams on Day One

To maximise session content and ensure attendees gain an abundance of knowledge and skills to propel them forward with a future-focused frame of mind, we will once again be presenting concurrent sessions on day one.

The two streams have been divided into two categories. Stream one will focus on Business, Innovation and Leadership:

  • Manage your clients, don’t let them manage you, learn from your mistakes

  • Greening Strata Title – Leading for change, sustainability options for Bodies Corporate

  • Navigating Bullying and Harassment

Whilst stream two will focus on Technical Strata & Product Updates:

  • The Curse of Ageing buildings and Looking to Sell – What’s next?

  • Build to Rent

  • Future of Insurance Market

Day One Closing Keynote– The power of your own accountability

We will end the educational content on a high note with Rob, once again taking stage to finish the day out with a session on Personal Accountability. This provocative session will prompt individuals to reconsider the question of taking personal responsibility for their role and associated relationship, interactions, and outcomes.

Conference Day Two Opening Keynote – Are you prepared for what’s next?

Day two will see another impressive keynote presenter take centre stage, with Michael McQueen delivering, How to Prepare for What’s Next: Thriving in the Age of Disruption. Michael is a multi-award-winning speaker, trend forecaster and bestselling author of nine books, and is known for his engaging, entertaining, and practical conference presentations.

In this session, Michael will bring a rare insight to the topic of business disruption. He will explore the notion of disruption itself and confirm that the term is much more than just guru-speak. From this session will come invaluable insights for individuals and businesses that want to keep their edge, and how to prepare now for what’s next.

Day Two – The State of Strata

We will also be taking a deep dive into the current state of strata in Queensland with important presentations that are too good to miss:

  • The State of Strata - The Commissioners Update, presented by Jane Wilson, Commissioner for BCCM

  • Macquarie Bank Bench Marking Report, by Tim Mackenzie, National Head of Strata at Macquarie Group

Day Two Keynote – Keyboards don’t have feelings 2.0

A unique presentation, hosted by Jason Carlson from Grace Lawyers that will immerse you into how effective or ineffective is communication in the 21st Century, and strategies that can be implemented to continually improve to create effective communication.

Day Two – The Great Debate

Back by popular demand to close out our 2023 will be the much-loved Great Debate. Traditionally this is one of our most highly attended sessions. With the 2023 topic still being held in secret location, our debate facilitator will have the last laugh as to which team of strata minds will triumph when they go head-to-head to deliver an unforgettable debate.

Over our 2-day conference we intend to arm attendees with the vital skills, tools and knowledge to embrace a forward-thinking mindset to invest not only for your personal development and your Companies but in the future of strata. Without a future-focused mindset, we can never really prepare for the future.

Let’s be forward-focused, future-ready together!

For further information on our conference visit:


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