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QLD Article

Advocacy is a priority for SCA (Qld)

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Advocacy continues to be a strong priority for SCA (Qld) as the year comes to a conclusion.

SCA (Qld) has been very active in meeting with Federal politicians and government agencies with respect to the Northern Australia Reinsurance Pool. Ensuring this critical program is fit for purpose remains extremely important when it comes to strata.

The Community Titles Legislation Working Group continues to progress well with SCA (Qld) providing strong submissions based on the feedback of our members. The breadth of our organisation including managers and supplier means that our submissions have a strong, holistic industry perspective.

With local government representatives confirmed to attend our end of year networking functions in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it is clear that SCA (Qld) is making inroads with all three levels of government in terms of engagement and being considered by policymakers.

This will continue to be a priority for SCA (Qld) going into 2022. The 1.2 million Queenslanders who live, work and play in strata must be considered when all levels of government make policy and we will continue to fight tooth and nail for them.


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