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• SCAQ Director

Sue has had a varied career journey all of which relate to community living and people, working with their most prized assets, their palace and offspring.

Joining the development company in 1981 was exciting as the firm was the first to develop high-rise schemes along the Durban Beach Front, imploding some of the three storey walk ups and building the high-rise schemes. These schemes were originally company title and were a challenge to resell, the firm was successful in buying the land from the local authorities and converting the schemes into strata title which made the lots a more viable proposition as banks were prepared to lend money against a tangible asset, which then created another line of business for the firm, strata management.

Taking a short break from the property sector to start a family in 1987, Sue designed and manufactured a swim wear label and in 1990 started up a swim and aquatics school which grew successfully and created employment for other people and the love for water for both the young and the mature adults. In 1994 an opportunity arose to build a start-up strata company in Durban South Africa with a business partner, this business also successfully grew organically and is still in operation today. Sue managed the swim school and strata business simultaneously.

Moving to Australia in 2000, she took a short break from work to settle in the family to a new country and in 2004 commenced work in the strata industry on the Gold Coast. Feeling restless in an employee role, in Sue 2010 decided to step out and again, from kitchen bench level started her own strata management firm, Aquila Body Corporate Management, fast forward 11 years and Aquila is a very successful and highly regarded brand in the strata sector.

Sue has served on the education committee for SCA, presented on a number of occasions the then "Back to Basics" strata starter, presented at many SCA seminars and is a regular attendee at both the QLD Annual Convention and Leadership Forum.

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