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• SCAQ Lead Director Advocacy
• SCAQ Legislation Committee
• SCA Ltd Strata Services Board Advisory Group Committee Member

Jessica Cannon is an independent strata law professional currently on maternity leave. She was formerly a partner with Grace Lawyers. Her professional background commenced when she started a dual degree in law and international relations, majoring in government and politics, in 2006. Jessica graduated from her two degrees in 2011. However, Jessica’s profession in strata started in 2011 when she commenced a volunteer clerkship at a Gold Coast based law firm, MBA Lawyers. At the time Jessica was 23 years old and was eager to kick start her legal career.

Since 2011, Jessica hasn’t left the world of strata and is now approx. 11 years post admission experience in practicing almost exclusively in strata law. While meeting challenges along the way, Jessica has never looked back nor regretted her decision to specialise in such a nice, yet diverse, area of the law.

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