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SCA (Qld) Webinars

SCA (Qld) runs more than 20 Continuing Professional Development sessions per annum and the recordings are available for purchase.

As SCA (Qld) accredited and certified members are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development, these courses are designed to educate.

Sessions include entry level, intermediate and some more senior content tailored to the body corporate manager’s profession.

To claim CPD points any recordings must not be older than five years.

To purchase our on-demand webinars, visit our education platform.

The New Layperson's Guide to Body Corporate Laws in Qld

20200714130830881_0001 (002)1.jpg

The Layperson’s Guide to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (BCCMA) is a comprehensive guide, in plain English, to understanding and interpreting the rules applicable to strata community governance. Learn how:

  • bodies corporate and their committees are meant to work

  • finances (budgets, payments, accounts, admin and sinking funds) should be run

  • committee and general meetings are to be organised, prepared for, conducted and minuted

  • the duties and responsibilities of chairpersons, secretaries, treasurers, body corporate managers and resident managers are organised

  • disputes are to be resolved and how the Office of the Commissioner for Bodies Corporate operates.

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