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2020 Strata Hackathon

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Tackle the challenges facing body corporate and strata living. Ignite your creativity and sharpen your problem solving skills as a professional mentors guiding students and graduates passionate about strata.


If you are passionate about the strata industry apply to be a mentor!​

16 & 17 September | 24 hours

In partnership with the Employability Lab of Bond University, SCA (Qld) is facilitating the first Strata Hackathon, designed to ignite creativity, inspire leadership, innovate, explore, disrupt & find solutions.... 

A multi-disciplinary team of students, mixed with SCA (Qld) members participating as strata industry mentors, will make the inaugural Strata Hackathon a unique opportunity to tackle our sector's challenges. 

The strata industry has identified challenges facing body corporate and strata living and they need your expertise to help find innovative solutions.​ The Hackathon will run for 24 hours. Within that period it will be at the discretion of you and your team as to how and when you do the work.​​ A welcome and introduction will be live streamed on Zoom the evening of Wednesday 16th September and teams will collaborate in-person or remotely on Thursday 17th September. The event will wrap up on Thursday evening with final presentations from the teams.​​ Industry professionals of all levels are encouraged to apply to be a mentor to shape young minds and showcase the strata industry.

The students from Bond University may be from any faculty, including Human Resources, Science, Law, Information Technology, Engineering, Human Sciences, Marketing..., the list goes on. All SCA (Qld) members are invited to be part of this unique project - Body Corporate Managers, lawyers, financial services specialists, insurers, facility managers, painters, sales specialists etc.

Click here for some inspiration on hackathon topics!

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Want to take part in the first ever Strata Hackathon? Register your interest now!

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