2020 Advocacy Agenda

in Queensland

SCA (Qld) announced seven Election Priorities for the 2020 Queensland State Election, as key areas of concern in the strata industry.

The 2020 SCA (Qld) Election Campaign has motivated our State politicians to make a commitment to finally put the body corporate and community sector in focus. As we look to the re-elected State Government, it is crucial that SCA (Qld) continues to push priorities to ensure strata communities are made a priority focus and policy takes into consideration their specific needs. There are over 50,000 strata communities in Queensland who must be heard to no longer be let down by government regulations.

Going forward we are confident to see more reforms that have substantial impact on the strata sector with our most critical reform objectives confirmed as important to the elected Queensland Government.


Bipartisan support has been granted to address:

  • the North Queensland Insurance crisis by working towards a solution

  • the chronic defects issues where owners have no protection or rectification avenues

  • a regulatory framework for professional body corporate manager’s qualification and education

  • the extension of the statutory home warranty scheme to include buildings with more than 3 storeys; and

  • community living issues such as pets, parking, scheme termination and how communities live more harmoniously

We further took industry issues such as North Queensland insurance availability to all major parties and politicians and achieved a written confirmation by the now elected government to instate a legislation working group, to make changes to improve the insurance situation and to finally consider strata manager licensing, a goal SCA (Qld) has pursued for 37 years. We injected 5-10% of our turnover to support the pre-Election campaign to firmly put consumer issues that also affect professional strata managers onto the government’s agenda.

SCA (Qld) has spent many hours writing, submitting and meeting with political candidates to ensure strata voices are heard. We have received significant media attention over the past few months. Read all about it below:

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