2020 Election Priorities

in Queensland

Body Corporate issues must become a priority - SCA (Qld) announces Election Priorities for upcoming Queensland State Election

SCA (Qld) announces their 2020 Election Priorities that aim to make body corporate matters a priority for political parties and their representatives. Body corporate issues and lot owner rights have to become a major focus, especially in light of the last 2 or 3 years when the cracks in the system have become more evident and the detrimental effect on lot owners both financially and emotionally is making headline news.

As we look to the 2020 State Government Election it is crucial that SCA (Qld) continues to push priorities to ensure strata communities are made a priority focus and policy takes into consideration their specific needs. There are over 50,000 strata communities in Queensland who must be heard to no longer be let down by government regulations.

SCA (Qld) has published 7 Election Priorities, all of which are crucial and need to be addressed by governments to ensure the success of strata in the future. The strata community in Queensland makes up just over 20% of the population and are asking to make body corporate issues a prioritiy in government regulations.

Read our full election priorities here.

Priorities include challenging Queensland’s political parties to find a permanent solution to the North Queensland insurance crisis, provide greater protections from building defects and enable more choice for how individual strata complexes govern themselves in the lead up to the Queensland election.

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