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Why should you choose a career in strata

Careers in Strata

Looking for a career change in a growing industry? Looking for career with room for advancement?
Strata Management is a rewarding career for ambitious professionals in a growing industry with several avenues for advancement.

Strata management (owners or body corporate management) is an industry looking for enthusiastic and reliable professionals. One in four Australians now own or occupy a unit in a strata community and this is projected to grow dramatically over the next decade. This upsurge in demand for housing in strata titled developments has also increased the need for the ongoing management of strata properties and their communities. Choosing a career in the strata industry places you at the front line of this exciting time of growth and innovation in the property industry. Check out the strata management career path here.

If you want to pursue a career that allows you to feel fulfilled, working in strata management will greatly enhance your professional life. You will feel stimulated and challenged in a position that will enable you to liaise with different industries and benefit anyone around you with the unique skills you develop.

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Use your own personal experience and knowledge with current and developing technology to enhance your communication ability with clients. Make your decision to enter an industry with a clear career path – national qualifications are obtainable with a Certificate IV in Strata Community Management.

As an industry association, SCA provides you with educational opportunities to introduce you to the industry, ongoing education to increase your knowledge and avenues to support you with industry best practices, and to develop your skills. Complemented within a Professional Development Program you can also take advantage of Post Nominal Credentials, to place with your title as Strata Community Manager to reflect your commitment to continual development, as well as your high ethical and professional standing within the strata industry.

For career progression, business management and ownership, and unique professional development opportunities across all aspects of management, a career in strata management will make you an integral and vital part of this energetic, exciting, and evolving industry.

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Why should you choose a career in strata
Want to know more about a career in strata? Read our full careers brochure!
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