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Don't be a victim of a cyber attack!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

As you would have heard reported in the news, a Strata Management firm has been reported to have been the victim of a cyber incident. This is a good reminder for us all to stay vigilant and protect any sensitive reports, documents, excel spreadsheets or even databases.

Ultimately, the new level of cyber-attacks need to move the standard sentiment from “be aware” to “Trust No One” – especially when it comes to clicking links or making payments.

All changes to BSB and accounts should be manually confirmed by an independently verified phone number – this is also true for new creditors. Security should also be setup on this fields.

For emails coming in – staff should never click on links unless absolutely necessary – and even then, they should first right click, copy and paste into a URL scanner like virustotal (Google “virustotal” to check it out ).

Last but not least, it would be timely to review the security advice Stratamax provided on their blog article from a few years ago – it has never been more relevant .

Security Review for your business. Click here to learn more.

We sincerely thank our Platinum Partners Stratamax for this update.


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