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2022 Awards for Excellence Finalists


The Strata Community Awards provide an opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence in the strata industry. The awards acknowledge individuals who are passionate in their role, excel amongst their peers and contribute significantly to the strata industry.

That Strata Community Association (Qld) Awards for Excellence will be held  in tropical Far North Queensland on Friday, 3 March 2023 as part of the SCA (Qld) Conference.



We are looking forward to celebrating and acknowledging the

achievements of our finalist members who include: 

  • Ace Body Corporate Gold Coast South

  • Aleksandra Drapinska, Whittles 

  • Alison Carling, Matthew Real Estate 

  • Altogether Group

  • Ben MacCarthy, Capitol Body Corporate Management 

  • Capitol Body Corporate Management 

  • Elizabeth Sutton, Capitol Body Corporate Management 

  • ERNST Body Corporate Management 

  • Grace Lawyers

  • Holmac Strata 

  • HumEnergy Group

  • John Gribbin Realty

  • Karen Baxter, Body Corporate Services 

  • Kathryn Todd, Capitol Body Corporate Management 

  • Kayla Cunnington, Capitol Body Corporate Management 

  • Kayleigh Mills, Body Corporate Services 

  • Kerry Hansen, Matthew Real Estate 

  • Keye Jackson, Whittles 

  • Matthews Body Corporate Management

  • Nathan Land, Smarter Communities 

  • Nicole Martinovic, Body Corporate Services 

  • PICA Group

  • Pinnacle Strata 

  • Sarah Levy, Strata Influence 

  • Sean Waller, QBS Management 

  • Stephanie Toft, BC Alliance 

  • Strata Energy Services 

  • Sunnie Thompson, Body Corporate Services 

  • Tayla Goodwin, Capitol Body Corporate Management 

  • Team Body Corporate 

  • Tyson Pratt, Strata Influence 

  • Zephyr Chang, Matthews Real Estate 

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