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Entries for the 2023 Queensland Strata Community Awards have opened.



Strata Community Environmental & Engagement

Recognises a strata manager and a strata scheme that worked together to reduce their impact on the environment by means of sustainability initiatives and projects and/or are utilising products and services that have positive environmental outcomes.


  • What has been the community’s contribution to reduction and reuse, or the improvement of environment outcomes? This could include a reduction in energy and water consumption, improved waste management, improved living conditions and accessibility, enhanced biodiversity, active transport etc.

  • What was your community’s activity, project or approach?

  • What did you achieve?

  • What impact have you had?

Top tips:

  • 500-word limit.

  • Be clear and succinct – include the key information you’d like the judges to know about.

  • Highlight the key aspects about the strata scheme and the initiative/s with an emphasis on achievements and outcomes.

  • Include any high-level facts, figures and results.

  • Highlight anything that was new, different or unique about the work.


  • What inspired you to do what you are doing?

  • What problem did you solve?

  • Why did this matter to your strata scheme?

Top tips:

  • 200-word limit.

  • Tell us how you identified a problem and why you decided to address it in the way you did.

  • Give us an idea of the magnitude of the problem/s you identified.


  • What was your goal?

  • What did you set out to achieve?

  • What were the target outcomes?

  • How were you going to measure the success?

Top tips:

  • 150-word limit.

  • Give a clear account of exactly what you were trying to achieve.

  • Include any specific targets you identified.


  • Explain what you did.

  • Describe what was done to transition your idea to reality.

  • Describe how you achieved your goals.

  • What have been the results of your work (quantitative and qualitative)?

  • What has been the impact of your contribution so far?

Top tips:

  • 350-word limit.

  • Provide evidence of your success – attach any relevant documentation to support your claims. Examples might include data metrics, before/after photos of an issue or situation, surveys that track attitudes or behaviour, financial savings or impact, measurable flow-on effects from your activities to other areas.

  • Include any information that you consider demonstrates the value of you or your initiative.


  • How can your activities, product, process, project or approach be used by other strata schemes?

  • How could your work or project extend its reach for a greater contribution to strata outcomes?

Top tips:

  • 150-word limit.

  • The judges will look at whether your initiative or activities can be adopted beyond your strata scheme and whether you have considered and pursued broader application.


  • What sets your strata scheme (and your work in this area) apart from others?

  • What are you most proud of?

Top tips:

  • 200-word limit.

  • Innovation is about finding new ways of doing something or a new way to solving a problem.

  • Consider more than just innovative equipment or use of technology – have you been innovative in your thinking or approach to a problem instead?

  • Describe the way you came up with your ideas and how you thought ‘outside the box’ to create solutions to strata problems.


  • How has collaborating with others helped you achieve your results?

  • Describe the ways you worked with others (including those affected by your work).

Top tips:

  • 150-word limit.

  • Consider how you drew on resources and input outside of your own, how you gathered support, and how you considered those affected by your work.

  • Include evidence of support from those with whom you collaborated and feedback that supports your claims.


  1. Must have been practising as a strata community manager for more than two (2) years at time of nomination.

  2. Must have been employed with their current employer for not less than the last two (2) years at time of nomination.

  3. Must be a current employee of an SCA (Qld) Strata Management Member and the Corporate must hold membership in SCA (Qld) for at least two (2) years at time of nomination.

  4. Must be an SCA Accredited strata community manager (any level of accreditation).

  5. Strata Scheme must be under management of the SCA (Qld) Strata Management Member.

  6. Must not have a Code of Conduct complaint upheld against them over the last two (2) years.

  7. May be self-nominated or nominated by a colleague, employer or client.

  8. Strata Manager and Chairperson of the scheme must be available for online interview at a time specified by SCA (Qld).

  9. The winner of this award category will progress to the 2022-2023 SCA Australasia Awards as a Finalist subject to meeting the T&Cs.

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